Why Have a Coach?

To rid you of anxiety, discomfort, indecision, and fear due to change and loss occurring in your personal and professional life.  To examine your deepest dreams and desires with a co-creative partner awakening the masterful “life-navigator” you are!  

For starters, you don’t have to go through change, loss or self inflicted growth alone.  No matter the situation in your life whether you are experiencing it in your personal or professional life  it can consume you enough to keep you running in place.  Having a coach helps you dislodge the clog in your current situation and renders you free to move on to reach one or all of your goals. 

Secondly, a trained life and business coach inspires you to think on behalf of yourself knowing the entire time and long after your coaching sessions are complete, that the tool for “self-care” will be called upon frequently throughout your entire adult life.   And, a compilation of all your sessions no matter where you begin and end, working with Coach Anne Spieker as your will only mean one thing; your life has already been blessed.  

Having Anne as your personal coach eliminates the need to seek solace in biased places which gives you temporary respite but terminal indecision.  Having an unbiased, trained and motivated coach makes reaching out enjoyable and significant.  Not only are you focused solely on you and your growth, so is your coach.  

Areas of Coaching


Life is about living, not hiding or failing yourself over and over. Life can be way easier than you know. Anne’s coaching nets personal and professional happiness.


Where do you want to work, what do you really want to be, are you happiest doing other things? Understand there are many ways to make a living. You can be, have, do and become anything you want. Anne has accomplished total happiness and so can you.


So much noise and clutter in our messaging today. Marketing is simple once you figure out your audience, your budget and your energy output .

Free Intro Session

All Packages are Customized

First Session is at no cost and each person or company will have a custom package price depending on the needs at the time of discussion.  Coach Anne Spieker will prepare that for you after your first session.